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Do this today

Took day off from training yesterday – after tuesday challenge “trial” felt I need rest.

Today trained chest, shoulders,triceps and straight after workout went out for hill sprints and steps.

Rack benchpress – 2 sets warm up – 10r 105kg, 6r 120kg + drop set 5r 100kg

Incline dumbbell press – 8r 50kg, 4r 55kg + drop set 8r 30kg

Flat dumbbell fly – 10r 30kg (feet up), 6r 35kg + drop set to flat DB press 2r same weight

Dumbbell pullover – 10r 40kg, 10r 45kg

Standing shoulder press – 10,8,7r 65kg  * using belt&chalk

Standing lateral raises – 3×6 20kg * went for heavier weight and less reps today

One-arm DB upright row – 3x10r 35kg

Bent-over laterals – 10r 22,5kg 6r 25kg + double drop set 4r 35kg, 4r 25kg

Close-grip benchpress off the pins – 10r 80kg, 6r 100kg + double drop set 4r 80kg, 6r 60kg

Overhead triceps extensions TRX straps – 15,12,12 r BW + drop set to dips 7r BW

Hill sprints 3 rounds + Steps up&down sprinting all the way to the top and back 3 rounds

All done in 1h 15min. What a session! Felt great with lots of energy and enthusiasm, love it.

I am having the best life ever – thank you thank you thank you to my clients and all the people – you know who you are 🙂

Which program to follow? Which belt to wear? Weightlifting shoes? Yes or no? Which supplement to take? Are supplements more important than food…or more important than the training itself?
How about you just DO THE WORK. Get under that bar and kick  the sh…t out of it. Attack the barbell like a street fight. Do it with full blown intensity. Push yourself like never before. Go heavier, go harder. The workout is ready to go. The question is, are YOU ready?Free weights and bodyweight. Simple, not easy.
Love the work. Stop avoiding the work. Chase it. Find a way to make it harder, tougher and more challenging. Do this today. If you`re making excuses or taking forever to take action, I can assure you I am the wrong person to learn from 🙂 I want to work with action takers. Period. Be a man or woman of action.


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