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Fit for life.

I will write today about training for life. Not just regular “training”. Not just “bodybuilding training”, cross-fit training” etc. What I see every day in the gym is people even don`t know why they train. They don`t know how to train. They are not enjoying it. Who the hell on this planet Earth would train and don`t know why or how to train correctly?

Past five years I am enjoying my workouts so much that I feel like kid again. I normally weight train 3 to 4 times a week and do my drills/conditioning workouts 2 to 3 times a week. I train in the gym for strength and power. All my drill are done outside, whenever possible in the fresh air and sun. But even in the winter, I train when there is snow or rain or very cold freezing weather. I enjoy my power walks in the nature. It makes me feel more alive.

I made my best gains and my best progress so far. I feel strong, fit and agile. I can run fast, I can run long, I can jump high and far, I am pretty much flexible ( doing stretching regularly and sometimes yoga ). I feel great not just physically but also mentally.

I try to stick with basics. For example, for the chest I will do rack bench press, incline dumbbell press, dumbbell fly, dips; For back I will do rack dead lift or trap bar dead lift, rows, pull ups or pull downs; For legs I will do squat or rack squat, hack squat, leg press, stiff leg dead lift, lunges, you`ve got my point.

At my body weight of 205lbs at the moment I made fantastic progress with this “old school Conan program”.

Rack bench press 315lbs for couple of single reps.

Top position rack bench holds 485lbs for 10 seconds.

Trap bar deadlift 545lbs for couple of single reps.

Rack deadlift 595lbs for couple of single reps.

Rack squat 455lbs for couple of single reps.

Front Smith machine squat 320lbs for single reps.

Standing thick bar shoulder rack press 235lbs for single reps.

On my conditioning days I do hill sprints, stair sprints, skipping rope, box jumps, TRX work, flipping tire, kettle bell work, forearm work, ab work. I always pick few exercises and do them nonstop back to back for 20-30 minutes. Every workout starting with proper warm up. It will take me around 15 minutes to warm up properly. Same thing after the workout. I will stretch and foam roll to cool down.

I do use some of the machines sometimes but you see, all these exercises are “bread and butter”. Is that simple. So train hard, keep it simple and you will see the results. But….

You must also eat clean and healthy. I am not talking about counting calories all dieting. I never count anything. All I do is eat clean and natural food as much as possible. And I believe that mother nature will take care of the rest. Is really that simple.

The biggest problem I see is that people are making excuses every time why not to train that way, why not to eat that way, they wanna use machines and “easy stuff”, they are looking for easy way. They are telling me that they want to enjoy life and they are not going to eat that and this. Ok, fine with me. But then don`t come back and ask me what is wrong and you can`t get results.

There is no rocket science in eating either. Keep it simple. Eat natural, organic, healthy food. No processed food, no junk food.

I am just baking home made spelt bread of writing this. Can`t wait till it`s done so I can have it for dinner with some organic free range eggs and organic fresh butter.

My main protein sources are free range organic chicken breast or tight, grass fed organic beef, organic turkey breast, free range organic eggs, grass fed whey protein, full fat plain organic yogurt.

My main carbohydrates are from sweet potato, yam, potato, oats, brown rice, wholewheat bagel or english muffin, home made spelt bread, fresh fruit, dried fruit, frozen fruit, honey.

My main sources of fat are olive oil, coconut oil Udo`s Oil Blend Omega 3-6-9, peanut butter, almond butter, avocado, home-made organic butter.

It is very simple. Keep it that way and your body will thank you.

Martin Petro WNBF PRO

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