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Plan B

After busy week I am back writing. Trained six times last week – 3 workouts and 3 drill sessions – feel good and strong.

Back, biceps today – started with Deadlift 21`s – haven`t done this for very long time – it`s a killer – 2 warm up sets then with 140kg bar – 7r from bottom to middle – 7r from knees to top – and 7r full range – 2 rounds.

Wide – grip pull ups – 12r BW, 2x10r +20kg plate arounf my waist + 1x drop set to lat pulldown behind the neck 8r 50kg – happy with slowly progress here due to my shoulder injury couple of months back.

Close-grip pulldowns (V-handle) – 10,8r 80kg + double drop set to 2r 65kg, 4r 50kg

Bent over rows – 10r 117,5kg 8r 127,5kg 6r 137,5kg * using belt and chalk, wrist straps on last 2 sets

Seated cable rows – 8r 100kg, 2x6r 107,5kg

Barbell curls – using thick bar – 10r 40kg, 8r 45kg, 6r 50kg

Incline DB curls – 10,8r 22,5kg

Seated DB curls – 8,8r 20kg

All done in 60min. + stretching&foam rolling. Great session – had lots of energy today.

You should always have plan B – I was taught this long time ago. But recently, I realized that plan B suck because it detracts you from your big plan. Your original idea. The goal that you really wanted.
Life and lifting, they are the same. Many lifters start a program and already in their mind believe they will “try” it for a few weeks and if the`re not benching 140kg and deadlifting 220kg they will move to the next secret program. I`ve had these thoughts myself. Plan A first, then, ok, I`ll do plan B if the first thing doesn`t work. Huge mistake. We all lose focus. We all think plan B is ok if plan A doesn`t happen. That`s the problem. Stop bothering with plan B. Don`t stray from your gut instincts. Don`t let yourself or others avoid the work so they can have stuff. Everything is to be earned. Strength – muscle – business success – life success – unless you work for it, you will not respect it. M

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