Martin Petro WNBF Pro Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder & Massage Therapy Specialist

Get in shape within 3 months!

Even the weight loss can be fun, if you have the right knowledge!

Achieve great results and get into the best shape of your life under the guidance of the World

Champion in natural bodybuilding, nutritionist and personal trainer with almost ten years of

experience in the field, Martina Petro.

How it’s going to work:

First, we will meet on Skype and we will talk about your goals, eating habits, workout experience and free time spending. We will discuss your experience with diet, weight loss or gain and we will also talk about the situations when you screw your diet. Based on this information, I will prepare a tailor-made training and diet plan which will suit your individual needs, habits and goals. I will also tell you what kind of cardio vascular exercise will be the best for you in order to achieve your goals. I will help you with natural supplements, which will support your recovery and weight loss. I will teach you how to make all of this a part of your everyday life.

Within three months I will walk you thought the entire process. I will provide you with the on-line support when needed. Together we will achieve the best results which you have always wanted.

The 3 months package includes:

Initial Skype consultation for 30 minutes

Tailored training and diet plan

Following Skype consultation for 60 minutes with explanation of workout and diet

4x times on-line support to evaluate your experience and results

Video demonstration of healthy cooking and correct exercise

Price: $165

Payment and conditions:

After I receive the full payment of $165 to my EQUABANK account, we will plan our first Skype consultation. Within 3 days, you will receive your tailored training and diet plan, along with the video demonstration of the healthy cooking principals and proper exercise practise. You will have time to go thought all the provided materials. Then we will meet again to answer all your questions. I will make sure that everything is clear before you start with your new plan. We will be meeting every three weeks to evaluate your progress and overall experience. If needed, I will adjust your diet or exercise plan. After 3 months, you will enjoy the body of your dreams, as well as your new eating habits and much healthier lifestyle.

Banking information:

IBAN: CZ4061000000001012521334


(Lynn from Prague)

Join our summer competition and meet the World Champion in the natural bodybuilding!

We appreciate the effort and commitment! For those of you who will achieve the best result, we have a special VIP prize. You will meet the World Champion in natural bodybuilding Martin Petro, who will answer all your questions from behind the scene of international competitions, share his experience with bodybuilding, eating and training. He will reveal all the secrets of weight loss and weight maintenance, healthy eating habits and newest trends in nutrition. Moreover, he will teach you not only how to get in shape, but also how to train for life.

In addition, you will get a 50% discount on the package and for all our services for the next year.


Buy our “Get in shape in 3 months” package and send us your photos before you start the plan.  Follow your 3 months plan and send us another set of pictures when you are done, accompanied with your written experience with our plan in the form of testimonial. The one with the best results wins the VIP prize mentioned above, gets back 50% of the package fee and gets the 50% discount on all our services for the next year!


Let’s get started.

Martin Petro, WNBF PRO

Lifetime natural bodybuilding champion

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