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My comeback in 2015 and Pro Card win

My last blog was about winning my World Championships title with UIBBN back in 2012 in Slovakia. At that time I wasn`t even sure if I`ll be competing again… But you know saying, never say never…

I had lots of setback after my win in 2012. I moved back to Prague after 8 years in UK, I was looking for a new job, new place to stay, I was just too busy with my “new” life. But I was training hard and eating clean in the same time. I enjoyed my workouts in the off season, full body split or push/pull/lower body split and drills at the other days which consisted of hill sprints, stair sprints, skipping rope, TRX training, KB training, box jumps etc. My eating was spot on, I started to eat less meat, more fresh food, fruit, nuts, vegetable, fish, brown rice, sweet potato, I started to bake my own bread at home and oatcakes on the weekend. My only treat was 90% organic dark chocolate.

As time was flying by and I was slowly settling down somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking about competing again. In 2013 October 17th I think it was I went to UK for charity contest called Three Challenge organised by Ian Duckett, former British and World Natural bodybuilding champion and great inspiration for me. Everybody was surprised to see me there as I was flying all the way from Prague, Czech to UK “just” for charity. But deep inside of me I knew that was right thing to do. To be honest with you, I enjoyed the challenge, came 4th but it was one of the hardest things i did in my life. Challenge consisted of 3 rounds – strength – fitness – agility. Almost 3 hours non stop action. I could write another blog just about that Three challenge… It was an amazing day with great people I will never forget.

with Ian Duckett

Earlier this year I also did my first power-lifting meet in Czech but only benchpress and deadlifts and another contest where I only did deadlift. It was non-tested show but I enjoyed the challenge. If I remember my benchpress was 160 kg and deadlift 265 kg. I was happy with that at 90 kg body weight.

Also in 2013, October 12th I did my first ever posing exhibition for a breast cancer charity event in Prague. All the money raised went to the breast cancer charity. I had my new choreography with Conan the Barbarian music.


As year 2014 was approaching fast I thought I might do some local shows in Czech or Slovakia. But as I found out there was no federation like in the UK. All these natural bodybuilding federations in Czech or Slovakia had different rules which I didn`t like. According to your height is your weight limit. For me it meant that I would never compete heavier than 76kg… And I knew that it is almost impossible for me as I always struggled to get under 78kg for a contest.

And because of that I start looking back to UK again for new challenge and particularly Lee Kemp show UKDFBA. But early in 2014 I had another setbacks in my life and I have decided not to compete.

Come year 2015 I was 100% committed to my contest prep. I had a clear vision and plan. I started my contest prep with only one goal in mind – to win my Pro Card in UK that year.

I started with my diet around March/April time of the year. As I was progressing through the diet I entered couple of shows. My first contest that year was Grand Prix Hungary on 6th June with INBA federation. I was competing for the first time with them and it was a good warm up show. I came second in my class and was happy with my look just couple of weeks on the diet. I haven`t changed anything for this show, no food or water manipulation. Just another day for me. I had some good feedback from judges and so I decided to go to INBA World Championships in Dubai just 10 days later. My second place qualified me for that.

INBA World Championships in Dubai was another good warm up show and experience. It was very hot and humid at that time of the year. There were hundreds of competitors from all around the world
I stayed in Dubai for 5 days and had a great time. I didn`t really liked that federation as I felt its all about money. I didn`t feel any “connections” and it cost me fortune just to enter… Also for the first time in my life I was giving my blood as a drug test… But it cost 150 or 200 euros.
I came 5th in the finals and couldn`t be more happier with my progress. I was still just at the start of my diet. I was around 85 kg at that time and I looked great.


Summer of 2015 I spent in San Diego – 5 weeks with one of my client and friend. I had great time. I trained in the World Gym and to tell you the truth, for me it is the best gym on this planet! My motivation went trough the roof. I had one of the best workouts ever. Travelling to LA to train at Gold`s gym and Muscle beach… Will never forget that. I came back to Prague in September and I knew I don`t have much time left before my UKDFBA show in October….

I was training 4 days a week with weights but did my special “morning” routine every day for 7 days a week plus my powerwalk and lunges in the morning. My weight didn`t dropped as much and I was worried a little but trusted myself in the process. I had 5 meals a day and very basic food. My main protein source was coming from eggs and turkey or chicken and fish, carbohydrates from sweet potato, brown rice and oats, fruit and healthy fat came from Udo`s Oil Blend Omega 3-6-9 and almonds. I also used range of multivitamins and minerals from Flora as they sponsored me for this contest. I kept everything very simple, training and nutrition.

I couldn`t wait to compete again. I was flying to UK Birmingham Airport in October, my friend and another Pro Natural bodybuilder Milan Panek picked me up at the airport and offered me his place to stay for a weekend. What a great gesture from him. My bodyweight was around 81 kg and I knew I will have to be with heavyweights or loose 1 kg.

Morning of the show – I weight in 80,2 kg and after that I went outside for couple of rounds around football pitch. I came back sweating but it was worth it, my weight dropped to 79,9 kg and I was officially in the middle weight class.

I met lot of old and new faces in the theater, it was great feeling to be back in UK after so many year living and competing here. I felt like home again. Lee Kemp welcomed me very warmly and so did other people.

I had no clue who is competing against me as I was focusing only on myself and doing my best. In my weight class I was against Damien Lees, he looked and posed great, I really enjoyed the challenge between us. I won U-80kg class that evening and went into the overall to battle for Pro Card.

In the overall I was against Nigel St. Lewis and another top athletes like Steve Howarth. The atmosphere was amazing, you could cut the tension between Nigel and me. Judges were comparing us for so long I lost count on how many rounds we were doing of compulsory poses. I was never that long on stage before. After almost 30 minutes battling onstage the called my name as a new WNBF Pro and I was so happy I jumped as high as I could. What a moment. I congratulated all my fellow competitors and really enjoyed that moment. It was my lifetime achievement. After winning my World Championships and British title in 2012 this was another dream come true.

It was great weekend and great show with lots of memories. It was also very hard as all the competitors looked phenomenal. After the Overall win I was invited to compete at my first Pro show with another Pro Natural bodybuilders and I placed second behind Adrian Gray, great newcomer who just won his Pro card the day before me. What a great challenge.


I returned from UK following day and decided to go to Switzerland to compete at the another Pro show. I already felt very exhausted but wanted to do it. I also never been in Switzerland before. The Pro show in Switzerland was in November, just 7 days before the Wnbf Pro World Championships in Atlantic city. I arrived Switzerland already not feeling my best, I had headache and sore trough. My body was telling me that it can`t take any more beatings….
I never seen so many Pro bodybuilders at one show, I think around 19…mainly from Italy. I finished 7th that evening and was very disappointing with my placing as I saw myself 3rd or 4th. Even the guys who finished before me came to me and told me that they don`t know how is that possible.
I emailed the Swiss federation couple of days later and asked them for judging sheets but they never replied to my email… Anyway, it was a great weekend in beautiful Switzerland and hard true reality as a new Pro bodybuilder.

Week after this show I was flying to Atlantic city, US to compete in my first ever US show, Wnbf Pro World Championships. I was already ill with a temperature taking paracetamol. I felt really bad but didn`t wanna give up so easily. I had already booked my plain ticket and arranged my accommodation.

As the result of not feeling well I ended up in heavyweight category weighted around 82-83 kg. It was very though class even if I would be at my best! But I knew I can`t compete with these guys feeling and looking like that. I finished dead last and was happy that the day is over. I couldn`t even get a pump backstage. I tried to enjoy my time and learn something new from this great experience.
I promised myself I will be back one day…

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