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Healthy brain

The Brain is around 60% fat, so it really should come as no surprise that we need to feed it fats – essential fats, Omega 3 particularly.

There are four key reasons why Essential Fatty Acids could help with brain function.

1. DHA and EPA Conversion

The most important fats for brain function are the non-essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.  If the body has enough of the Essential Fatty Acid – Omega 3 Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) from seed oils then it converts what it needs as it has done for millenia into the fatty acids DHA and EPA.

2. Stable energy release

We all find it hard to concentrate sometimes and this is often down to us feeling hungry or lacking energy.  Our ability to concentrate soon returns when we have just eaten or have a higher level of energy.

Fat is an energy source that is stable, unlike carbohydrates that burn quickly and give an energy spike followed by a crash.  Fats burn slowly so last longer and maintain our energy levels for longer.  They also keep us feeling fuller for longer – again carbohydrates, once they quickly burn off leave us feeling hungry and tired and our concentration levels and mood often suffer.  This is often reported by teachers when children have had a carbohydrate loaded breakfast – they find it harder to concentrate and as they feel hungry become irritable.

3. Blood flow to the brain

Essential Fatty Acids improve the membrane function of every cell in our body.  This includes the blood cells which are then better able to carry vital oxygen to the brain for cognitive function and take away carbon dioxide waste.

4. Getting the message through efficiently

The Soya Lecithin in Udo’s Choice Oil Blend works to strengthen the barrier around the nerve cells, known as the Myelin Sheath.  The Myelin Sheath is essential to enable your nerve cells to conduct electrical charges within the brain and throughout the body’s nervous system and protects the charge from interference.

Mothers and child development

The foetus needs DHA from the mother to develop its own brain so if the mother is lacking these she can suffer deficiency symptoms during pregnancy including cognitive issues.  Once the child is born, during breastfeeding the child pulls around 11g of Essential Fatty Acids from the mother daily.  Depletion of Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and 6 could well explain why women experience post natal depression, stretch marks, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue amongst other symptoms.

A recent review of 75 scientific studies investigating the risk factors for post natal depression found that women who are at risk could be at higher risk if their Omega 3 levels are lowered.

Brain function during school years

To see how Udo’s Choice Oil Blend could be of benefit to children, we worked in association with Lever Park School in Bolton.  Lever Park works with children that could otherwise fall out of the schooling system due to behaviour and helps them enjoy as full an education experience as possible.

In a breakthrough 7 month study, 21 pupils aged between 11 and 16 got together each morning and made a smoothie with fresh fruit and Udo’s Choice Oil Blend.  With each pupil drinking this daily the following learning and performance related results were achieved:

86% of literacy scores improved

76% of pupils felt happier about their academic performance

79% of parents noticed positive changes in their children

75% reduction in boisterous behaviour

The trial was so successful that Lever Park sought out funding, so now the pupils enjoy an Udo’s Choice based smoothie every morning and join the teachers in a more productive school environment.  You can read more about the study here. – See more at:

Udo`s Oil Blend is easily incorporated into your daily diet, just pour two or three tablespoons as desired onto hot or cold food, mix in with a smoothie or yoghurt or stir into porridge, mashed potato or casseroles always after cooking.  Visit our page for ideas and inspiration.

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