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The day before Christmas

Last few days were very hectic but still had to fit my workout before I left home for Christmas.

Trained on Tuesady – Chest and Back

Benchpress – 3 warm up sets; 2x5r 127,5kg

Incline DB press – 8r 55kg, 5r 55kg + drop set 7r 30kg * some heavy weight here!

Flat DB flyes – 9r 27,5kg 11r 25kg * goal was 12r but my chest was already on fire!

Rack deadlifts – 5r 140kg -warm up; 2x5r 230kg *strong

Pull ups -5r BW warm up; 2x8r +30kg

DB bent over rows – 2x12r 45kg

All done in less then 45min. Great intense workout!
Yesterday I spent Christmasday with my family and enjoyed some traditional food and cake – today will be back in the gym for Shoulder and arms workout – my home underground gym – can`t wait!

Some words about nutrition: 

Nutrition is such a touchy subject for some people… People generally know what they should be doing but are constantly bombarded with confusing advice. Most people need to eat more healthy fats in their diets, it’s really good for improving good hormone profiles. Try to cook your own food as much as possible and buy things with one ingredient. For example, Potato, Broccoli, Steak, etc. The last part, and maybe most important is to not feel bad about indulging in good food. Having a positive relationship with food can sometimes be even more important in determining how your body responds to it than the food itself. If you’re going to have a cookie, just have it, but enjoy it and don’t feel bad about it. 
It’s holiday fat gain season, a time when nearly everyone packs on a few pounds. Rather than joining the masses and loosening your belt another notch, use these 5 Holiday Fat Loss Hacks and avoid putting on a single pound.     
 Eat a sensible meal before the party.
Bring a healthy dish to share.
Never drink calories.
Fill your plate, but only once.
Taste dessert, just a taste. 
That’s it—all you need to know to not gain a single pound at holiday parties. But what about the rest of the year? Wouldn’t you love to make 2015 the year that you transform your body? Wouldn’t it feel great to throw out all of your fat clothes? To look forward to bathing suit season? To be given a clean bill of health from your doctor? And to be showered with compliments by family, friends and that special someone? It’s all more possible than you think. But you’ll need to take massive action!
The holidays can become a stressful time, with places to go, presents to wrap and parties to plan. There is ample evidence that stress has a negative effect on your body and your metabolism. When your body is under stress it produces cortisol, a hormone related to the fight or flight response. This increase in cortisol causes weight gain, decreased metabolism and even depression. 

This holiday season don’t let stress get the better of you. Give yourself time to relax – you’ll be leaner for it 🙂

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