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Started new training program this Monday:
1) Chest, triceps, calves
2) Legs, abs
3) Off
4) Shoulders, calves
5) Back, biceps, abs

In the last 10 days i trained only two times as i had so many clients and other work commitments.
But with this new plan i will train again regulary day in day out.

Monday was chest, triceps and calves:

Rack benchpress – 2x warm up sets; 3×10,8,6r 100kg *using power rack, felt heavy today

Incline dumbbell press – 3x8r 40kg

Flat dumbbell flyes – 12r 25kg, 10,8r 27,5kg

Superset: Dumbbell pullover – 2x10r 40kg
               Cable crossovers – 2×12,10r 25kg

Close-grip bench off the pins – 10,9,6r 60kg *to failure

Lying Ez-bar decline bench triceps extensions – 10,7,6r 30kg + bar

Dips – 10,8r BW + drop set Bench dips 12r BW *to failure


Seated calf raises – 20r 60kg, 2x15r 70kg
Superset: Standing calf raies – 3x20r 187,5kg
               Front raises – 3x30r BW

Training done in 65min. +foam rolling and stretching. Great workout and amazing pump! Needed that change.

Legs today:

Leg press 12r 150kg, 12r 250kg – warm up; 12r 300kg, 12r 350kg, 10r 390kg +drop set 15r 250kg

Front machine squat – 3x10r 100kg RAW

Dumbbell lunges – 3x10r each leg 30kg DB

Stiff-leg deadlift – 3x8r 140kg

Lying leg curls – 10r 45kg, 10,8r 50kg

ABS: 2xgiant sets

Hanging leg raises – 2x15r
Rope crunch – 2x15r 70kg
Seated tucks – 2x30r
Crunch (feet up) – 2x40r
Standing waist twist – 2x100r (50r each side) with a broomstick

Training done in 65min.  Stretching and foam rolling; What a workout! Felt really sick after lunges and dont know how but i finished my training! Power of Mind…Tomorrow is day off.

You MUST do things in your life that inspire you, and in turn, you must be inspired through your own thoughts and your OWN life.

Strength will NEVER discriminate, it is available to anyone and everyone who wants it and is most of all
willing to work for it. Anyone can EARN Strength. Be the best you can be. Train hard, eat clean, enjoy life too 🙂

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