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Udo`s Choice for energy & stamina

Getting essential fats into your body is often the missing link in many people’s diet and can restrict athletic performance.

Essential Fatty Acids provide your cells with the nutrition they need in order to function properly. Without them they do not operate as well as they could and this can affect overall health, muscle recovery, joint suppleness, energy, stamina and ultimately for the sports enthusiast, athletic performance.

Essential Fatty Acids can help raise energy levels in a number of ways:

Improved membrane regulation – the essential fatty acids (EFAs) will make your cell membranes better configured for transport of nutrients in and waste out. They do this by regulating the fluidity of the membrane, so that transport proteins can work correctly. Think of it like the gates in and out of a sports ground – if they are rusty and seized, then flow in and out is no good, but once they are well oiled, then movement is restored to its original optimum.

Improved fat metabolism – by activating certain pathways (known as PPAR ), EFAs change the way your genes are interpreted. This leads to better fat burning, and less fat storage. The fat burning is both from food in the diet, and from your body, so combined with the reduced storage, you are effectively tuning your body to use fat rather than hold on to it.

Fat burning more effective for endurance and strength sports – Carbohydrate based diets are great for short bursts of energy but can lead to slumps without regular refueling during an endurance or strength event.  Fat, on the other hand burns slowly and steadily, providing a longer and more stable fuel source.

Two independent research studies investigating the use of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in Elite strength and endurance athletes found that it lead to improved energy levels and endurance.

A runner increased his weekly running distance from 90km to 147km
A cyclist increased his daily cycling distance from 60-80km to 120km-180km per day
A boxer taking the oil blend after eight weeks increased his workout time from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours twice daily

We also measured cardiovascular risk factors. After 106 days, their resting blood glucose was slightly lower, triglycerides were significantly reduced, ‘good’ HDL cholesterol was significantly higher, ‘bad’ cholesterol was down significantly, and HDL/LDL ratio was better.

The foods we eat are broken down by digestive enzymes and if these are lacking we tend not to be able to absorb all the nutrients into our body. The enzymes naturally found in our foods are often destroyed by either processing or cooking, so taking Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzymes may help you to fully absorb the nutrients in the foods you eat so that your body is fully prepared for training.

Do you need any more reasons to incorporate Udo`s Choice into your daily diet?

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Thanks for reading.

Coach Martin

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