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WNBF PRO World Championships & SNBF Swiss Natural Cup

In my previous blog I was talking about my competitive season from the start until UKDFBA where I`ve got my pro card. In this blog I will write up two more contests I entered in 2015.

After UKDFBA in UK I made decision to compete in Switzerland Natural Cup on 7th November (just one week before the WNBF World Championships in Atlantic city).
Hard to say if it was a good decision or bad. I felt like I need some more experience and as a newly crowded PRO I had chance to compete in Switzerland.

SNBF Swiss Natural Cup – 7th November 2015

There were 15 professional athletes from many different countries. I`ve got number 3 and was weighting around 80kg. I was in a great shape (just 3 weeks after my UKDFBA win in UK).
I`ve got 7th place and I was not happy at all 🙂 But I stayed cool and behave like a professional. I placed myself on 4th place. But thats the competition. Sometimes you win and sometimes not. It was a good experience. Top 3 guys were outstanding (two of them I beat in UK show just couple of weeks before) and I knew that I couldn`t match with their size – to my surprise – there was only one class for all of uz with no weight limit!! But other then that it was a great contest, venue, people, amazing place. I would definitely come back to visit and I would reccomend to anyone to compete with this Swiss federation. Polygraph testing and registration was the day before the contest. I spent there very short time but could manage to walk around and see some local places. Very beatufil country and nice people.

I`ve had my flight back to Prague on Sunday 8th November and went straight to gym train legs as I had only four days before I was flying to Newark. I felt very tired and all my body was aching. But I just said “mind over matter” and kept on going. Monday 9th November – I had already high body temperature 39,1 C – so I canceled all my clients and spent most of my time in bed – except my morning cardio and training session – but OMG – was it hard. I felt no pump at all. Like all my body was shutting down. I knew its not good but didn`t know what to do. Tuesday and Wednesday – I felt even worst and spent all day in bed but went to the gym for my session and cardio. Thursday morning I was flying to Newark, Atlantic City for WNBF Pro World Championships.

WNBF Pro World Championships 14th November 2015

Thursday 12th November was my flight early morning but still could manage do my morning ritual – 300 lunges and outdoor drills (pull ups thick bar; hanging leg raises; KB swing; KB one arm clean and press; push ups). I felt very bad, still had high temperature, full nose, headache. But somehow didn`t wanna quit.

Arrived Newark around 3pm local time and spent the rest of the day in my friends house lying in the bed feeling really bad with full nose and all my body aching. Felt like sh…t. But didn`t want to give up.

Friday 13th November – registration at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel. Lots of people, some familiar faces. I met many friends from UK, Lee Kemp and his UK GB team. I was unable to weighted in under 180lbs and so I fall into heavyweight category, to my surprise ( my weight was 182,4lbs). 12 athletes in my class and I knew I will be in trouble with first class athletes competing here.

Saturday 14th November – WNBF Pro World Championships. I could hardly get any pump…Felt so sick, full nose, headache, all I was thinking was my bed. But I knew that it`s gonna be a long day. I could walk away and go back home but I wanted to finish this year with integrity, even when I knew that I will not win or place in top position. It was my first time competing in US – one of my dreams – but I would never imagine that it will be like this – so after the contest I was thinking – did I start my contest prep too early? Or did I go over my limit? Hard to say, I was preparing for UKDFBA contest in UK in October and I thought that with couple of weeks more I will be even in better shape but… Somehow it didn`t work. Anyway, it was a great experience and especially to see Brian Whitacre win his class and then take the overall for the first time – it was just breathtaking experience in natural bodybuilding. Somewhere deep inside of me I know that I will be back, better than ever. It was not my best experience but I am still thankful for it. I love what I do and I appreciate all the help from people around me, they know who they are.

After this contes my goal was to get better and get some rest – I took 2 months off from training. I also stopped taking supplements of any kind and was just resting.
Now as I am writing this I am already back into training and feel good, stronger with each workout but still very careful as a must be beacuse of my right shoulder – I`ve got my physiotherapy once a week and it`s getting better but still can`t train certain movements and exercises.

Now is time to upload some photos 🙂 Enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

Coach Martin

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